Dental Materials

Resin composite is the most widely used dental restorative material due to its superior esthetics and ease of handling. However, despite the extensive use resin composites have a limited longevity in the oral cavity, which has been attributed in-part to material degradation by salivary enzymes and bacteria, compromised adhesion by clinical factors, fracture, polymerization shrinkage, and secondary caries.

The modern day restorative resin chemistries have an inherent vulnerability with respect to degradation in the oral cavity. The Santerre laboratory is interested in developing new monomers for dental restorative applications with chemistries that will improve longevity of resin composites. Two approaches are currently being investigated: biostable monomers that could resist degradation by human derived esterases and probiotic monomers that will provide antimicrobial function upon degradation in order to resist bacterial biofilm formation on the restorative material. In addition to new chemistry synthesis, the Santerre laboratory is also interested in understanding the biological factors (such as potent enzyme complexes) that are involved in the biochemical breakdown of traditional polymeric material in the oral cavity and lastly understanding the interaction of bacteria with the biodegradation products released from resin composites.

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