Drug Delivery

For many years, research in the Santerre Lab has investigated the use of polymers for drug delivery strategies. The antibiotic ciprofloxacin has been  incorporated into polyurethane polymer chains for use as an implant material with a release of antibiotic proportional to the extent of infection at the implant site.  This latter work contributed to the formation of a start up company, Interface Biologics Inc.  and conception of new antimicrobial resin monomers for dental composites. More recent work involves blending a ciprofloxacin-based polymer with polyurethane to form electrospun anti-infective gingival tissue engineering scaffolds.

Another line of research in the Santerre group is focused in the development of different drug delivery system (DDS) for their application as non-stent-based local drug delivery with the use of drug-coated balloons (DCBs) in the treatment of restenosis. DCB consists of a standard balloon catheter coated with antiproliferative drug and a nanocarrier which should be delivered during the period of balloon inflation. The current commercial nanocarriers generated by the field present some limitations (including poor vascular wall tissue penetration of drugs during balloon inflation and diffusivity).The Santerre Lab in collaboration with the Interface Biological Inc. are trying to overcome the limitations of the current carriers  by the development of new biodegradable self-assembled nanocarries based on the versatility of the polyurethane chemistry. The variety of hard and soft segments could allow one to obtain a variety of colloidal systems that match the requirements for their blood contacting  applications.

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