Learn About the Santerre Biomedical Polymer Lab for Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery

Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

University of Toronto


Cardiovascular Disease & Regenerative Medicine

The Santerre group in collaboration with fellow biomaterials, biomechanics and engineering scientists are exploring the application of tissue engineering principles for the development of cardiovascular tissue that has mechanical, cellular and physiological properties comparable to that of native healthy tissue.

New Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering

Design of new polyurethane biomaterials for tissue engineering applications.

Polymeric Drug Delivery Strategies

Use of polymer-based delivery platforms for controlled release of drug.

Biomaterial/Blood/Protein Interactions

Understanding protein interactions with surfaces to guide new biomaterial design.


Dental Materials with Enhanced Stability

Synthesizing new dental resin polymers to minimize degradation at the filling site and reduce the risk of secondary caries.

Orthopaedic Regeneration and Repair

Collaborative work in the Santerre Lab focuses on regeneration of the annulus fibrosis using electrospun scaffolds and dynamic culture techniques.

Drive to Commercialization

At the Santerre Lab, focus is placed on innovation with a drive to commercialize. A spin-off biomedical polymer company, Interface Biologics Inc., started in the lab over a decade ago.