Orthopaedic Repair and Regeneration

The Santerre lab has established a program in the area of musculoskeletal research collaboration with Professor Robert Pilliar in Dentistry and IBBME, clinical teams at Mount Sinai Hospital (Drs. Rita Kandel and Marc Grynpas) and Sunnybrook (Drs. Cari Whyne and Jeff Fiakov).  Projects include a substitute tissue engineered spinal disc, where our group has contributed to the development the annulus fibrosus scaffold with a patented degradable electrospun polyurethane fibre with a unique fibronectin adhesive surface modifying additive.

Working with Robert Pilliar and Marc Grynpas we have developed a novel bone composite made up of degradable calcium polyphosphate (CPP) and an in-situ curing degradable polymer carbonate resin interfacing with a natural bio-adhesive molecule.  This technology is currently in the process of being patented and preliminary in vivo studies undertaken.

Research with Cari Whyne and JeffFiakov at Sunnybrook hospital has resulted in the development of a novel degradable composite called Bone Tape.  Using Robert Pilliar’s porous CPP and a degradable vinyl resin formulation we have conceived a material that could provide bonding of cranio-facial defects by applying the tape rather than traditional metal plates and screws.  Deformities of the face and skull (craniomaxillofacial, CMF) can result from high impact trauma, congenital malformations or tumours, leading to functional disabilities and physical disfigurement. Like a shattered vase, the fractured CMF skeleton requires alignment and stabilization of multiple pieces for successful reconstruction.  Bone tape has been conceived to address these changes and IP has been filed and the material evaluated in vivo and is currently being developed for commercial translation.

Relevant Publications:

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